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Hello there.

You may call me Fran and I occasionally draw. I dont really know what this blog is about anymore

Anonymous said:
Omg Fran will you be making a tutorial like mann I love your art ;-;;;

thank you anon!! and sure, if i ever find the time, what would you like a tutorial on?

Anonymous said:
fran ily fran. notice me fran. //crii

anon ily but who are youuu


(Because I’m too lazy to make a banner.)

Sorry for the crappy photo “orzzz

Basically, a bunch of straps were ordered as part of a gift for a friend (along with extra/spare straps). Thing is, a batch for myself is also arriving some time next month, which means I am/’ll be left with more…

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BANGTAN BOYS (방탄소년단) / BTS - Let Me Know

Anonymous said:
just had to tell you that you have an amazing art style and thank you so much for all the dnw fanarts ;u; i love them so much! ps: nice theme hehe

Thank you so much, anon!! You’re really sweet adskfj I’m flattered //// 

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365 Days of Music
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I heard an unhappy ending
It sort of sounds like you leaving

these two are gonna be the end of me

please click the pics for captions/full image uvu

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